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We combine innovative technologies and our best expertise for development of CUBIT platform in order to provide unique services.

The concept of integration software platform

The concept of integration software platform

Cubit platform features

  • Flexible seamless scalability without existing processes interruption with scalability independence;
  • Control rooms development;
  • Support of all standard video sources and supplementary sources integration;
  • Third-party security systems integration;
  • Third-party video and audio analytics systems integration;
  • System components monitoring.

System Usage Examples

System Usage Examples
  • Virtual checkpoints, license plates detection and recognition using conventional cameras;
  • Video recording with the function of fast event based positioning;
  • Face recognition using white/black lists and external databases;
  • Panoramic view, source location on map, city / region surveillance;
  • In-depth search for facts and evidences to improve the quality of investigations.
  • Real time Intelligent detection of alarm events (detection of errors and faults, intrusion detection etc.), video analytics;
  • Discrete video surveillance in the infrared range;